Moving-Box-LabellingMaking sure your items are packed properly is a very important in order to minimize any damage that might occur during a long distance move. Ensuring that your items will not be damaged or scratched while the moving process, professional moving companies wrap the furniture in thick moving blankets. Moving companies recommend wrapping all large items that can be damaged, such as furniture and appliances. If you require assistance, all Cheapest Way to Move moving companies provide professional packing services with an additional cost. For details contact us or provide it in your request when submitting your Cheapest Way to Move estimates.

However, if you prefer to do your own packing, we would like to provide you a few packing tips on how-to properly pack your goods…


Packing Supplies You’ll Need

Strong Corrugated Card Board Boxes, any size. You will need boxes with covers. These boxes can be found in any office supply store, or at professional moving companies, who provide mattress covers to TV boxes. Use specific boxes for specific items, it will prevent chances of damaging your goods during the move. You can always find used boxes from your neighborhood grocery store. Preferable minimum size box is 2 cubic feet. (Note: Try not to collect boxes too large to carry or too heavy.)

  • moving-boxesNewsprint or bubble wrap for fragile items. (such as dishes, glasses, anything small to be packed etc…)
  • Strong 2 inch wide tape.
  • Thick Markers for identifying contents of your cartons.
  • Box-Cutter, Scissors or sharp knife.

Extra Packing Tips

  • Make sure the bottoms of the boxes are well sealed.
  • Packing one room at a the time, will help you be organized and will be simpler when it comes to unpacking.
  • Make sure to mark all the boxes with numbers and a brief description of its contents.
  • Notify your mover of any high value and fragile items.
  • Pack heavy goods at the bottom of the boxes, not above, too prevent damaging goods.
  • Preferable box weight should be around 50 lbs or less.
  • Try to use original boxes for TV, VCR, Stereo Systems. If you do not have the original boxes notify this in moving details.
  • Should you need more assistance about packing, any of our moving agents will be glad to answer your questions, or else contact us directly.

For more information on moving, see our Moving Tips…

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